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Βρίσκεται στην πόλη της Πράγας, στην Τσεχία, το μία φορά εύστοχα ονομάστηκε "Fred και τζίντζερ" κτίριο, αναφέρεται χορό εταίρους Fred Αστέρ και Τζίντζερ Ρότζερς, ολοκληρώθηκε το 1996 και στέκεται ως ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

Designed by renowned British architect Will Alsop, the Sharp Center at the Ontario College of Art and Design is an inimitable building located in Toronto, Ontario. Completed in 2004, the centre ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

Designed by Oscar Niemeyer and structural engineer Bruno Contarini, the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil takes its inspiration from the idea of a flower. Completed in ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

Appearing much like a game of Jenga come to life, the Wozoco apartment complex in Amsterdam, Netherlands has been a unique structure in the city since its completion in 1997. Designed by the firm ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

Home to China's primary television broadcaster, the CCTV headquarters located in Beijing stretches approximately 234 metres and rises 44 storeys high, appearing like a loop as if to symbolize the ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

Designed by one of the most significant American architects in history, the Fallingwater House is a testament to Frank Lloyd Wright's style and is his most recognized structure. Built in 1935 and ...

Domain: Design; Category: Architecture

Located outside of Vienna, Austria in the village of Nussdorf, this small 45-square meter house was designed in 2013 by Peter Jungmann and tips the familiar kind of house on its head, literally ...

Domain: Construction; Category: Architecture

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