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Have you ever read the works of Emerson or Thoreau. These men, among others are transcendentalists.

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Transcendentalists believe that people could live in harmony with one another in a perfect land. The term for a perfect world is utopia.

Domain: Literature; Category: General literature

Transcendentalists take their name from the verb transcend which means to rise above and go beyond what is expected.

Domain: Literature; Category: Fiction

Suffrage is classified as the right to vote. Transcendentalists believed that all people regardless of race and ethnicity should be given the same rights.

Domain: Human rights; Politics; Category: Equality; Political theory

Anyone who works for a company is called a salaryman. The best English translation would be businessman or a business person.

Domain: Business services; Category: Human resources

Looking for a turtleneck in Korea? You may want to use the Korglish word, "polar" which refers to long sleeved turtle necks.

Domain: Fashion; Category: General fashion

Pantheism is the belief that the universe (or nature as the totality of everything) is identical with divinity.

Domain: Philosophy; Category: General philosophy

The transcendental ideas that all beings have the same soul on some concept. This is why intuition is believed to be so true.

Domain: Philosophy; Category: General philosophy

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