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Sri Lanka has a long history and there are some symbols of them in the country.Art is very attractive and each them has a historical value.Most of them pained on walls in temples or rocks.They are very beautiful.

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There is a cave also in this temple.We can see paintings and statues also. To enter the Aluvihara one has to climb a number of steps. In the Viharaya is a rock cave with paintings and statues in it. ...

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This is also a temple.There is a cave.There are many paintings on the wall of the cave.That cave is called Maha Raja Viharaya.There are paintings of monks,flowers,kings and gods.They are the believes ...

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There is a 18 feet long reclining Buddha statue, 2 seating Buddha statues and 4 standing Buddha statues. Two seating Buddha statues are located left and right side of the cave, between two standing ...

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This is also a temple which is popular to the architecture and paintings.Gadaladeniaya Temple was build by king Wickramabahu in 1344 during the Gampola Kingdom time. In the main shrine room has a ...

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In the rock-cut cave there are the remains of mural paintings that would have brightened the interiors of the rock shelter and glowed in the light of oil lamps. All four images hallowed out of the ...

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There is a long history of traditional paintings in Sri Lanka.Many people like them many much. Arts like sculpture and painting in Sri Lanka have always developed under the influence of Buddhism. ...

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Traditional paintings are a jewelery to country.so that reason people always try to protect them. People must not touch them. People must not erase them or drawing on them. Don't use chemicals. Don't ...

Domain: Art history; Category: General art history

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Traditional paintings of the Silence are followed for the shows for all people. The change of the painting and re write my paper held for the candidates. The island of Silence is beautiful and good for the norms for the team work for the citizens.

04:52, 27 January 2021
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